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Susanne Mack is a NYC based cabaret singer
and solo-performance artist. Her new solo
show “RECONCILIATION” is the latest of her original cabaret performances that blends personal story telling with a wide range of repertoire fromWeimar Cabaret Songs to the Great American Songbook.

A native of Germany, Susanne has had classical vocal training in Zurich before she went on to study with the famous Brecht chanteuse Gisela May in Berlin. After moving to New York City, she has been working privately with vocal coaches Barbara Maier, Richard Gordon and David Brunetti.


She has been studying solo performance with Gretchen Cryer who also directed her solo show RECONCILIATION.

Before moving to NYC in 2008, Susanne has lived in

Switzerland for 10 years with her family. Her narratives oftenreflect upon the challenges and changes that she experiences as an immigrant and the cultural discoveries of a life lived between two worlds. Susanne enjoys to sing in German, French, English and Italian.

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